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    Jan 7, 2002
    On Friday, I attended my first MacWorld Expo.
    The first thing my friends and I searched for was of course, the new iMacs. They are really cool and they come with much more software than previous Apple products. Appleworks 6, Quicken Deluxe 2002, and a full version of their game Otto Matic are included, along with the basics IE, Mail, Quicktime, etc..

    Apple's set up was pretty impressive. Long rows of iMacs sitting atop counters with under lighting. Demonstrations every half hour on iPhoto, Mac OS X, and the new iMac. Also, you could play with the iPod, and the iMac.

    Unfortunately, Apple was not selling anything this year. In fact, hardly anyone was selling. Major vendors such as Mac Connection, MacMall, and Mac Zone were among the non-attendies. Quicken, Kingston, and Viking were no-shows. Major printing companies such as Epson and HP were only giving demonstrations of their printers, not selling them. We came with money to buy printers, RAM, and games, but ended up buying nothing.

    The show was not a total bust though. It was great seeing so many people, all Mac users. My favorite exhibitors were Nvidia, Caffeine Software, DriveSavers Data Recovery, and a small company that produced a peer to peer file sharing program called DrumBeat.

    So, what were your favorites? Has MacWorld Expo been better in previous years? Have you ever attended MacWorld New York?

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