MacWorld SF Innovations, March PowerMacs?

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    Apr 12, 2001
    MacBidouille posts some unconfirmed information about OS 9 and PowerMacs, along with the following information (Google translation), which hints at PowerMac updates in March:

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    Jul 4, 2002
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    Re: MacWorld SF Innovations, March PowerMacs?

    Un commercial Apple m'a assuré qu'il y aurait des nouveautés annoncées le 7 janvier mais pas de nouveaux G4 Pro. La mise à jour de ces machines devant intervenir plutôt vers mars.

    What's interesting here is the "G4 Pro", capitalization in original. It would indicate a desire to specifically target video/audio pro users. I wonder if it will be an el capitan, or a special workstation version of the xserve? Or a new cabinet design (xserve-like minitower :cool: ) The fact that it's called a "G4 Pro" means that it's probably a 7457, hopefully with a faster bus.
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    Glad I got my Powermac now, I wouldn't want to wait for March! Hopefully they'll be using the 7457 by then. Can't wait to see what "innovations" there will be on Jan. 7th.
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    Correct translation...

    Here's the correct translation:
    I think there is a grammatical error in their French ("devant," uh, should that be "devrait"?) that might have twisted some of the automatic translation.
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    Proper Translation

    They talk about the 1GHz Powerbook and 700 iMac being out of stock (EOL), new Powerbook coming on January 7th, 800MHz minimum iMac and eMac also. New towers with probably 1.25GHz dual as entry level will be announced, available towards beginning of March, that model being kept available until June in OS9 bootable form to enable Quark use. That's basically it. I don't think you should read anything into the G4 Pro designation. No radically new casings this time round.

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