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Magic Keyboard 2 Space Grey Replacement Keys ?

Ollie Axe

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Dec 8, 2019
Hello guys,

I bought recently a space grey magic keyboard at a very low price from somebody on a local site like ebay, around 25 $, with the original box, documentation & accessories included it was sold as broken, the guy that sold it to me had two keys fallen off and tried to put them back with superglue... no harm done at least.

When I received it and I could take a better look I found out that both scissor mechanism are broken and the pins on the back of one of the keys are also broken but I tested the keyboard and the keys work they send input as I was assured by the seller before the deal concluded. Now I found myself in a strange position because I initially thought it will be very easy to find replacement keys, but the fact it is not.

In my country on local online markets similar with ebay I can't find somebody that has at least white magic keyboard keys for sale, not even worth saying space grey keys. All I could find are Apple wired and wireless keyboard keys, that are very cheap, around 1 $, I read when they announced the magic keyboard they said it's an improved scissor mechanism from the ones before it, I googled in every possible way and could not find if they're compatible.

I definitely know that the new macbook pros are compatible but definitely not worth it and the white magic keyboard, but it would be very good for me if the old ones would work too, because i found only one website that sells magic space grey keys but they come around 20 $ with shipping for one key, so i pay twice the price that I paid for the keyboard.

If not I will probably order from ebay white ones and hunt for a couple of months (or the rest of eternity) for space grey ones.

I know it's a long thread but if somebody found himself in this situation, I would gladly appreciate their experience and advice.


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Apr 14, 2017
Depending on which keys are having issues, you can pickup a MBP 16 inch [non butterfly - i.e 2020 compatible] full keycap set off aliexpress for ~$30 AUD. If you need keys from the top row or numerics, you might be able to use other keys from the MBP set. Maybe they might have different legends.

Or wait for someone to either sell another broken one on ebay or someone parting out individual keys.

If you or anyone want to sell me the entire top row, or the left and right arrows btw. I'd be eternally greatful. 🤣
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