Mail can’t delete reserved folders on IMAP account

Discussion in 'macOS' started by sailmac, Jul 1, 2016.

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    One of my email accounts is served by Comcast. When setting up the account in Mail it automatically added folders I have no interest in using. I try to delete them but it turns out they are “reserved” folders on Comcast so the action fails. Am I stuck with these or is there a method to remove them?

    Here are the unwanted folders pushed by Comcast

    00 Unwanted folders Comcast IMAP.png

    Right-click on Chats to delete it

    01 Right click to delete Chats.png

    Mail app usual warning

    02 Delete mailbox Chats.png

    Confirm delete results in failure

    03 Chats could not be deleted.png

    This is usually a sign that the folder does not exist in the mail account on the server. Mail says “delete this” and the server says “nothing to delete” so Mail falls to “can’t delete nothing”.

    There is a known trick where you login to the mail server, create the missing folder, then return to Mail app and delete it. Because there is then a match, the delete action succeeds. So I tried that…

    Comcast’s default folders

    04 Default folders Comcast IMAP.png

    Create a new folder named Chats

    05 Create new folder Chats on Comcast.png

    Press OK and systems says uh-uh that’s a reserved folder

    06 Chats is reserved.png

    Same thing happens with the other two folders.

    Although they are invisible in the main mail folder, I suppose these 3 folders must be buried in other tabs visible from Comcast’s webmail interface — notably Address Book and Text Messaging. I looked but didn’t see a way to make them go away.

    07 Comcast tabs.png

    So here I am wondering if any of you have encountered this problem and found a solution?
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    I would have a look in "Preferences" on the mail server, to see if you are offered an option to choose which folders are, or are not, synced through the IMAP process.

    (the synced folders show up in Mail on the Mac, the non-synced folders don't).

    Gmail for example has such a feature.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I just now touched every available preference on the mail server and nothing applies to (or even mentions) the reserved folders.

    Looking like another one of those minor annoyances built into the Comcast experience. I'll learn to ignore it. :rolleyes:

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