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Mail - Can't reliably choose "send from" address

Le Big Mac

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Jan 7, 2003
Washington, DC
I have a gmail account set up with several aliases that I send from for different purposes (e.g., online vs. personal) with a personal domain. In ios 13 it worked fine for all purposes. I send from, say or and the recipient would see the address I chose. Now that's not working - if I choose lbmspam it may still show as sent from lebigmac and so on.

I have this set up as I did in ios13 - one account, multiple send from addresses. Setup remains after upgrade, but functionality has disappeared. Ideas?
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Jul 9, 2005
The town without George Bailey
One of my message recipients told me that the message he received came from my intended address. I see it as being sent from an alias in the Mail app. So now I’m totally unaware from which address an email is actually being sent.

The Mail app has improved a lot for me in iOS 14, but I guess Apple just has to throw in “one more bug” to maintain its hard-earned reputation of unreliability since iOS 13. 😄

I’m going to try deleting the aliases and re-adding them.
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