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Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by stoneage, Jan 31, 2003.

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    Is there a way to make a hyperlink in 'Mail' so I don't have to send a long url within my message? I was using Entourage and was able to do it, but am trying to not use Office at all.

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    Re: Mail hyperlink

    Well maybe I am to oldfashioned on nettiquette, but making a hyperlink inside an email often makes it HTML mail. Most of all in every app Microsoft has made ;). And I have always had something against that. I see no real objection to just putting a URL in a message.

    If it's a real hyperlink, it means that the URL is formatted with HTML code inside the message to appear as hyperlink. Entourage probably sees http://.. and converts it to HTML for you when you send the message.

    If the mailclient on the other side is smart enough to recognize the http://.. from my clear text email and make it clickable for the reciever, then it's already good enough for me.

    Mail does that too. Although it is standard set to send email as RTF (Rich Text Format).

    Makes me want to ask. Is there a way to completely disable the parsing of HTML mail in the :confused: Just disabling external content doesn't cut it for me, I'd rather see the pure HTML right before I delete the spam instead of the flashing yellow and red texts about *****enlargers (Arrrrch, you silly Americans with your freedom of speechfilters everywhere, you make me need a dictionary to find alternatives for normal every words)

    I mean enlarger for:

    Pronunciation: 'pE-n&s
    Function: noun
    Date: 1676
    : 1. A male organ of copulation that in male mammals including humans usually functions as the channel by which urine and semen leave the body. 2. Physical characteristics include usually flaccid, but has potential to become engorged with blood. 3. Size v aries from individual to individual, and also from species to species. 4. Used to penetrate female, sometimes seen as a symbolic penetration, as well. 5. Source of insecurity for males.

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