Making a trip to visit Drexel (philadelphia, pa), what apartments should I look at?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by debroglie, May 11, 2006.

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    Hey guys

    Someone else posted a plea for housing help, so I'll do the same.

    I will be entering Drexel's PA program relatively soon and I am heading to Philly to scout out the school in about a month and would like to check out some apartments.

    I will be moving there with my beautiful fiancée :)D ). We only have one car at this point and she'll be working so it'd be ideal if it is within at least biking distance.

    I have some money saved up and will be getting loans, but her job won't be too high paying and I can't work while in school, so the rent would have to be reasonable. A simple one-bedroom apartment would be great!

    Anyone have any tips? Specific apartment complexes or even general neighborhoods where I should look?
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    Dec 26, 2005
    Phila, PA
    The Philly housing market is pretty diverse.

    Some of this depends on where your fiance is going to be working (and what hours).

    I'm assuming you'll be at the Drexel campus by Hahnemann hospital which is on Broad street. You can live in the art museum area and walk/ride there pretty quickly. I'm a fan of public transportation - but not in Philly. There are lots of individual brownstones split up into apartments near the art museum. They are much cheaper than Rittenhouse square and you can always find street parking. We lived around 20th street and Wallace. You dont want to go much lower than 20th street (it gets too sketchy) and you want to stay on the art museum side of Fairmount Ave (wayyyy too sketchy).

    The other great part about this area is that you are close to Kelly drive (an 8 mile loop on the river great for running/biking/blading/people watching), you can actually walk to most of the city (Rittenhouse square is a 20 minute walk), and you can take a cab anywhere in the city instead of paying for parking.

    Other good areas are: Rittenhouse square (pricey), Manayunk (too far and parking is impossible), south street/queen village (very cool but might be a little too far), Northern Liberties (up and coming, a little sketchy, and maybe too far to ride).

    Good luck, PM me if you have more questions.

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