Making music on rMBP (late 2013) in Garageband

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    I have been a longtime user of GarageBand, but am thinking about making the jump to Logic X. On the apple website it says the minimum system requirements are 4GB of RAM (which makes me think 8GB won't be enough if I'll be running other things in the background), but I wanted to hear other people's experiences with Logic and the new systems/OS. How much of the computer's resources is it taking up in your experience? How is the microphone on the computer? I do have an audio interface (Apogee One), but still curious about the built-in mic. Any other information you have that might be useful? I haven't purchased the new rMBP yet, but will be doing so in the next month.

    Please feel free to share any details/suggestions about your Logic experience outside of the things I mentioned!

    Edit: Sorry if this post is in the wrong forum. Just found the music related apps forum. However, I'm curious specifically about the new rMBP
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    If you are making music at anything other than a simple, for fun basis, then you need logic. Or at least you need something better than garageband. So it's good you are heading in that direction.

    8gb will more than enough for most tasks. Even with stuff running in the background, you will be fine, unless you are running a heavy photoshop task, are editing 4k on final cut, and playing bioshock in the background, etc.

    It really depends on what you are doing. If you are moving from garageband to logic, you probably haven't been doing anything seriously intensive. So if you could be more specific on what you are doing with logic, it might be easier to gauge how much power you need. If you are even considering using the built in mic you are probably not near a professional level, so even 4gb would be totally enough. But if you could expound on your experience level, it would help too.

    btw not trying to bash you or anything by saying not near a professional level, I'm speaking technically and power usage wise. If you were recording a full band with instruments and dozens of music and vocal tracks over each other, you could run into problems with 8gb. And you may be working your CPU overtime.

    But logic x is seriously awesome. You will love it, once you learn it, the opportunities are endless.
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    Hey, thanks for the reply! I flagged this thread so it might get deleted soon, but I just wanted to thank you for the response. No offense taken at all :) maybe I'll see you around in the audio forums!
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