Making VPC Windows 98 faster on iMac G4


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Feb 24, 2002
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Hi, I just have a few questions:

First, I want to start using VPC and i just bought it, and i had it on my iBook 600 and it was so damn slow it made me throw it aside. I know have my iMac 800 w/ 256 MB of ram inside and i was wondering if anything but ram can make it run faster? I heard someone in an earler thread said they turned off the "candy" or something inside XP, does that apply to windows 98? I have heard that it does run faster with Jaguar, and i do have that, but anything else out there, any extensions i can turn off?

Second, I have the VPC 5.0 software, and the Windows 98 looks like just a normal windblows installation disk. Does this mean i could use my dads XP disk to install that into VPC 5.0 or do i have to stick with Windows 98?

Thanks in advance!:

PS: I do NOT like windows that much but i do like the pocket pc PDA's and i want to use it on my mac and VPC seems to be the most practical solution.


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Dec 29, 2001
you can install XP with your dads disk, just insert it and make a new Virtual PC and select windows XP as your OS, and then install it like normal.

And adding more ram to your computer will boost VPC heaps, I have 512 and it runs ok, no good but ok, it does the trick.

Anymore questions, just ask


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Jan 3, 2002
Not be deceived, though, RAM is only useful when the problem is that you are using Virtuam RAM due to a lack of physical RAM. I have actually been dropping the RAM I have allocated to XP. It used to be 300MB but I only use one problem at a time and any program I use is low on RAM requirements so I was just allocating RAM I was not using.

As for the eye candy, I have only seen that in XP (which, BTW, was installed off a PC XP disk NOT a virtual PC install) HOWEVER the lower the resolution you have Windows running at the faster it will move. Also, running in 256 colours makes a HUGE difference. I found a way to run XP in 256 colours since I said in another thread that I could not do it and it runs even faster but I also increased the resolution.

Also, make sure you are running version 5.0.4 which is available from this link