Making your network lower your rate.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by elmnt61, Jan 28, 2012.

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    Hey guys. Has anyone ever called your wireless company to "make" them lower your rate?

    Here's my deal: I've been with AT&T since early 06. I've been off contract for a year and a half a year now, with an iPhone 3GS. I'm paying the full rate for this phone and I can't help but feel that I'm getting ripped off--I'm paying the same rate as everyone else on a contract with brand-new, subsidized phones.

    I don't really want to buy a 4S because I want to wait for the 5. but I would hate to pay 10 more months of 70$ a month for a phone that's 2 and a half years old. I was thinking of calling them up and asking them to lower my rate. I'd leave if they didn't. has anyone had any success with this?

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    Ive always thought its basically the luck of the draw. You may have someone on the other side of the phone that will bend over backwards for you and other times they won't do squat.

    I usually shop around alot and use other carrier prices to compare plans so I can get them to lower it.

    But as far as what phone you are using. They don't really care if you are in or out of contract. And Ive never heard of any carrier giving a better deal to ppl that are out of contract. If that was the case, alot of ppl would just buy their phones at the full price to save.
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    You're not paying them monthly for an old phone. You're paying them for service.

    You need to get to retentions first. There's point in trying to negotiate with anyone other than retentions.
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    Actually technically u are because they subsidize the price of the phone for the term of the contract. Problem is in USA carriers never got the memo of lowering rates when u don't buy new phones. Another issue is price collusion that currently exists and carriers need a serious kick in the *** to stop doing this nonsense. One can only hope
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    I'm glad I live in the UK. When my contract ended I switched to a deal that was about half of the monthly iPhone tariff for the same amount of calls/data/etc, all because I wasn't subsidising a new phone. In addition, the new contract is a rolling 30-day contract meaning I'm never more than 30 days away from ending it.
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    I tried the OP's approach with Orange UK, which have been pretty good to my family so far. However, they would not reduce the fee to retain me, nor would they give me credit toward the 4S I bought several months after I had finished paying off the subsidy for the 3GS I had owned. I told them I wasn't happy, but they said they didn't offer loyalty deals for the iPhone because it was so popular. This time I decided not to switch. Next time I will if Orange aren't more accommodating - they've had plenty of profit from me...
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    Sprint was very good about issuing credit. But you have to talk to retention. Having worked in a call center years ago, I know that retention departments can issue a significant amount of credit compared to their first tier comrades.

    If you mention that you have bad device maybe you can talk them into a few bucks off a month. But if you are a user with unlimited data, they probably want to get rid of you more than they would like to keep you.
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    Actually, T-Mobile is the only US carrier that I've seen offer a lower monthly price for bringing your own phone. They have something called their "Value Plans" which say if you bring your own phone to them, then they'll offer a lower monthly rate. They have the right idea (same as our European carrier friends across the pond).
  9. sviato macrumors 68020


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    You just realized this now? You should've called retentions within the last few months of your contract. Good luck though.
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    ask and you shall receive. they let me go down to the 29.99 voice plan (for as long as I want) and gave me a 60$ credit. Not quite as much as I wanted to get, but pretty damn good. :)

    the guy was like "so, uh, are you gonna like switch to Verizon or something if you don't get what u want?"

    me: "uh.... yes...?"

    ... ... that was hard. I did press him for the credit though.

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