Man finds out he is a woman

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    Sorry for the unoriginal thread title but this is a really interesting story. This man all his life had always felt different. He used to wear his mothers make up and clothes secretly and when he got his first job a person he worked with said he walked like a queer (actual wording). 40 years later he got a kidney stone and when the results came back the nurse told him he is a woman. That's pretty wild. He has male outsides but female insides. Has anyone ever heard of a story like this before? I never have, that's why I am so fascinated.

    I decided to post this here because for some reason I believe it will end up in this section anyways, eventually.
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    Wow, that is pretty fascinating. Yeah i've heard of shemales and transvestites, but finding out you're actually a woman like that? very interesting!
    I hope the person has a proper support system, I can only imagine how life changing this could be..
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    Thats nuts! He handled it well though. I don't know what I'd do if I found that out :/ I like being male!
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    I've actually heard of this before, but if I recall correctly it's extremely rare. Fascinating, really.

    The human body sometimes does some weird stuff.
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    There are also men who are XXY and many don't find out until they realize they are infertile and they investigate why. It's actually somewhat common, as many as 1 in 500. I don't exactly agree with calling it a syndrome, but this page on Wikipedia describes it:'s_syndrome
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    there is something weird about how the story is reported.
    first it says the the analysis were done 5 years ago.
    then apparently this 'woman' fathered six kids with his wife, which is obviously impossible unless he has functional male reproductive organs, which in fact make him a male.

    either the whole thing is bogus or the reporting is beyond abysmal
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    First off, the title is not set by the author, and they are meant to draw attention to the actual article. And the title is not wrong, it's just not 100 % correct.

    In the article, they explain that he has traits of both sexes, that he is intersex and that it used to be called hermaphroditism. It's actually a very informative and very well written article on the subject. You thinking it's either bogus or abysmal reporting means that you either did not read the article, or that you believe that what is written is just not true.

    Either way. Here you go, educate yourself:
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    This story is not properly written, confusing & mixing terms...
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    You have probably been a female in a former life...
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    I'm not sure this would actually explain wearing the mother's makeup and clothes. From what I understand ones preferences in attire is sociologically, not biologically, influenced.
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    If I got such news I wouldn't take it too hard either. I mean, I am who I am, I don't have to change anything from news like this - right? Obviously, since they have six children, things are working.
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    Please give a few examples of why you don't think it's properly written, what you're confused about and where terms are mixed.
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    I'll chime in, first of all the title along with parts of the article are mis-leading. Now that might not be the reporters fault since he is quoting hospital personal.

    The article just seems ti be confused, it gets it right and wrong...

    Lets start with the title: it should say: Man Admitted to Hospital for Kidney Stone, Discovers He is Intersex

    Not true, the test results showed he had traits of BOTH genders, as it says in the article "He was intersex, meaning he had both male genitalia and internal female sex organs."

    An Ultrasound is not a gender test, it doesn't light up a light that says Male, or Female, what that should have said is that the nurse saw Female Sex Organs on the untrasound

    Also from the article

    Bolded by Me

    This is correct, biologically he is not a Woman, or a Man, he is both, obviously he identifies as a Woman, but he is still part Male.
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    Sep 21, 2011
    The title isn't set by the author of the article, and its sole purpose is to draw attention to the article.

    It's a quote of a quote. I don't really find it confusing though, but could imagine I would say the exact same thing in a situation where I gave a man an ultrasound and saw ovaries.

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