Mark Rein (Epic Games) on Intel Graphics

Discussion in 'Games' started by whooleytoo, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Mark Rein offers his thoughts on the current and future state of PC/Mac gaming, and includes some scathing comments about Intel:


    I have to say I agree with him, though I think ATI and Nvidia should share the blame too. They're so busy fighting to be king of the hill, the top of the range graphics cards (which a tiny number of gamers are willing/able to buy) are leaving the standard graphics cards in many machines in the dust.

    This is creating a very fractured market which is difficult for game developers to handle.

    This is why the performance of top-of-the-range Macs in gaming is near irrelevant to game developers, since so few people can afford them. It's the performance of the low end and mid range machines that's important, because that's where the numbers are and it's these users game developers have to target.
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    Mark's comments seem to be inline with an earlier thread (my first post here I believe)...

    I definitely didn't factor in Intel IGPs though, and he makes some great/interesting points about its affect.

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