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    Oct 21, 2011
    What is the best way to market your app from your experiences?

    is there app review sites, blogs, something of that sort

    we make apps for Business to business and business to consumer customers.

    we signed up at Ali Baba, but im wondering if anyone knows any sites they can recommend for me
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    May 1, 2010
    That's a very loaded question.

    Marketing for apps is a huge mess.

    People use paid per installs, pay/trade for reviews, cross-app promo, blog sites, marketing companies, etc...

    It filled with promises of great results that rarely happen. Blog sites are flooded with requests for mentions/reviews. Many charge for reviews because of the demand.

    Developers have tried just about everything.

    The App Store is really the main place that makes a difference. If you app makes it up the charts, you'll get the downloads.

    Every type of media has been tried, from YouTube to Twitter paid tweets.

    One problem is that it cost money to try all these paths, most developers don't have a large budget for marketing, yet everyone wants their app to get noticed in the sea of over a million apps.

    Not to mention, things change. Apple changes it SEO and rating system.
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    Is there a site/blog that has reviews and appraisals of all these methods and their success?

    Like you said, there are so many different methods available. Most devs (like me) are just 1 or 2 man teams and don't have the budget to make a choice that yields no results.

    Honestly, this is the hardest part of the whole process. Just getting your app seen.

    I think getting it reviewed by a big publication is almost guaranteed success but chances of getting chosen are slim with all the requests thy get.
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    If you have a 2 man team, the optimal team these days is for one person to have spent as much time (or more) learning marketing methods and studying the current market, as the other person spends time learning to code and developing the app.
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    May 1, 2010
    Excellent points. It's pretty sad for people that come in, spend huge time on a project and it never gets seen.

    If you look back and Microsoft, they were much more a marketing company that a tech inventor. They really didn't invent much of anything, they were really good at getting their 2nd rate OS on everyone's computer.

    Take that Draw Something app. I understand it wasn't that complex, yet hit the mark.

    It's not always the 1st to market or the best.

    Facebook was NOT the 1st, others were better, just like Microsoft pretty much never had the best product.
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    hmm i see, yeah i've been thinking about getting it out to bloggers, i mean how much do they charge if they do?

    im sure it will be somewhat reasonable.

    the main things is the Business to Business app, is not going to be on the appstore

    its going to be maintained and distributed by us through adhoc, over the air update sites , etc etc.

    i was thinking about posting on potential customer's twitters and facebook pages.

    i just need to know what method would most likely show results.

    are there any blogs you guys recommend off the bat?

    where would companies research and look for to look for an ERP system + App?

    Some of our customers said they saw us through google, physical ads, but most of it is word of mouth, or employees that joined a new company that worked with our program before.

    how can i put it out there in the web and get noticed/or some followers

    to get some base followers ive been thinking about tips/Hints to post on facebook and twitter for our backend program so that we can at least get some foundation.

    im kind of stumped, but yeah, i have been thinking about asking blogs to endorse our product. seems the best way to get results considering these blogs/bloggers have a big following already
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