Matrox intros DualHead2Go Digital Edition

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 8, 2007.

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    It's interesting that it goes from 1x VGA to 2x DVI. Although I don't know the technicalities of breaking down a DVI signal, and certainly one that is laced with HDCP will be a forgedaboudit. :eek:

    This comes up on the forum periodically with people who want to drive external monitors from a Mini, or occasionally from a notebook... but does anyone here actually own one of the earlier models of this?
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    Dec 12, 2002
    It does it that way because it is *MUCH* easier to digitize the analog signal than to break up the digital signal, as I imagine you were implying. I'd like to know how many video cards analog ports support 3840x1200, though... (Since the older versions of this device present as a single monitor, then it handles splitting the signal to go to two monitors.)

    I'd just rather see one that takes a dual-link DVI connection and splits it into two single DVI connections, while still presenting as a single monitor to the video card. (Since some video cards won't officially allow two monitors from one connection, even if it is dual-link.) This would limit the market somewhat (MacBook Pros, and the last model of 15/17" PowerBook would be the only Mac that would support it, other than pro desktops. Although... Imagine plugging THIRTEEN 23" Cinema Displays into a single Mac Pro!!! Twelve as a four-by-three grid, plus one 'master' screen.)
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    Apr 30, 2004
    do you not think calling it "Digital Edition" is a bit stupid if it's still VGA (even if only to a certain extent)?
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    *sigh*..... I pity you and your small displays. 13 23" ACDs is nothing. You want big? Let me give you big:

    Imagine 13 projectors. PROJECTORS. ok? does that enlarge the possibilities? 13 projectors, on 1 GIGANTIC wall = nirvana. Oh, and the advantages of using projectors: no bezels. You read that right: no bezels. Relatively easy to coordinate the displays so that you get a TRUE ultra-big screen, unlike those puny 105"ers that they sell at your local retail store.

    Now.... where to find such a big wall? :p

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