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Apr 9, 2001
Matrox has something coming on May 14th?...

TheRegister discusses their upcoming card which has been rumored for a while in the Amiga community:

Mr. Ben Hermans posted to about "spill the beans" over Matrox G1000 for OS4. "It destroys the Geforce 4 completely. We've seen it in action already." Later he posts "They have much more than samples. Yes, it will be supported by OS 4. But not right away, this type of advanced architecture requires Warp 3D V5 ("Nova"). It's simply miles ahead of anything out there on the market now. The only that comes close is the P10 from 3DLabs. I'm glad I can finally spill the beans about this. Remember all the nay-sayers whining about Matrox and saying the AmigaOne would be a pile of crap because we didn't have nVidia drivers? This goes to show that just because you are the fastest at one point in time, this doesn't ncessarily mean you will remain the fastest for ever. Think about that when you start another "x86 is so much faster than PPC" thread. PPC used to be faster than x86, then Motorola hit their infamous 500 Mhz G4 ceiling overtaken. But I can assure you that just as Matrox is reclaiming the crown now, the G5 will do the same."

G5? Speculation?

Kid Red

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Dec 14, 2001
I read this yesterday and I still don't get it. What's this card for? Doesn't sound like it runs on macs, so what's the point of talking about it? And what does it have to do with G5s? The article doesn't say these cards will run on G5s, so I don't get it.

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
It would seem kind of useless to use speculative rumors to further justify your own performance potential. I don't get it, though, with the G5 being only rumor at this point. Maybe the 14th will be a big day for Apple - put it all together, the Rack Servers, speculation that it is a smoke screen for new tech/hardware, now this. Hmm, cant' wait to see what happens.


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May 11, 2002
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Originally posted by Kid Red
And what does it have to do with G5s? The article doesn't say these cards will run on G5s, so I don't get it.

I believe the new Amigas will be running on G4 processors, so they are hinting that when the G5 comes out the Amega will be running on that too.

A G4 is a Mac the way a Pentium is a PC ;)
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