Maybe I'm just lucky, but… (Apple Store successes)

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by JNB, Jan 21, 2009.

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    In the last couple years, I've had the opportunity (need?) to visit whatever Apple Store is in the region of the country I'm in at the time. Arizona, Ohio, Alabama, California, all over.

    Normally, I won't go "just because," but I have a niggling issue with either my MacBook or iPhone. Mind you, they're minor things, but I figure hey, I have APP, they're nearby, I'll just pop in and have it looked at.

    In each occasion--the latest this afternoon in Huntsville--not only have I gotten a Genius Bar appointment the same day, but I have been cared for in a way that still is beyond my expectations, even after being an Apple customer since 1977.

    I've had power supplies, SuperDrives, and entire iPhones replaced on the spot, no questions asked, in minutes. I generally have two or three employees assisting with every stupid little detail. It's almost embarrassing. It's not like I'm demanding anything, just a "could you look at this for me and tell me if I'm just being OCD about it?"

    I'm nobody special, I don't resemble Steve Jobs, my last name's not Wozniak or Ives, but for some reason, I've always had both exceptional and exemplary service and attention each time.

    Then again, maybe it's precisely because I don't walk in like some Entitlement Queen, expecting to be kowtowed to, that results in a superior level of service.

    That, or I remind the associates of their grandfather... ;)
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    Being an Apple customer going on a whole four months, your commentary is encouraging. I should add that some of your, "luck," must have found its way to Kansas City...

    I recently purchased a 15" unibody MBP. It was great, except anytime I'd set it to use the discrete video card, the machine would lock up after about five minutes. It would then require a hard reboot to bring it back to life.

    Two days ago I had an appointment with the Apple Store in Kansas City, and those folks treated me like I owned the place. After looking at my machine, the staff there said they'd just give me a new one. No hassle, I didn't have to sign anything, basically walked in with one MBP and walked out with a new one.

    Which I'm typing from now. It runs like a champ! I'm thoroughly impressed with the level of service I experienced at my local Apple Store.
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    Good to know this stuff.

    If the economy tanks, maybe customer service will return. I remember when this was the norm. Then Wallstreet had no interest in such things, just get that stock up One more point:p
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    Wow. A thread about GOOD apple store customer experiences? Well, I guess I might as well add that I've had my fair share of visits to apples stores and they were all pleasant experiences just as expected.
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    Dec 12, 2007
    I've found Apple store experiences very good - mind you I've never been in there to have something fixed or to make a purchase (just to browse or ask questions) but they've always been more than helpful - very polite and knowledgeable.

    Apple customer service is above my expectations. The latch on my MBP broke and so I called them up and they replaced it even though they said my AppleCare had run out two weeks prior.

    My whole Apple experience has been bliss.

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