MBA (fully upgraded) vs. MBP 15" (+ hi-res, 128 GB SSD)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by malexander, Mar 4, 2011.

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    Mar 4, 2011

    This is my second post (I posted this in the MBA section as well), though I've been reading this site for a few years now. I'm trying to decide on my own first computer, although I'm definitely above an average user, and not new to Macs (family's first computer was iMac G3 circa Summer 2000.) In short, I'm really torn between the MBA Ultimate and MBP 15" with a 128GB SSD and glossy hi-res screen.

    I like the idea a friend gave me, which is to run the OS and apps on an SSD, and replace the optical drive with a hard drive in a bay (this is what he did with his older non-uni 15" MBP.) He thinks the MBA is pretty "lame and bourgeoisie," which I can somewhat agree with, but it's hard giving up the portability. I read about there being a new optical drive part number, and that there is a potential issue trying to replace it with an HDD, looking at the Sandy Bridge/SATA problem. I also don't want to void my warranty.

    I went to an Apple Store a week ago, and the guy reasonably recommended the 15" MBP to me. He said that it would be good since I game a little, but definitely not hardcore. Watching YouTube videos of people running high-end games on the MBA has me second guessing though.

    I made a post on the Apple Discussion forums a few days ago describing my situation in detail; so it may put things in perspective:

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    Sep 4, 2010
    if you're going to carry your laptop around like 80% of the time then macbook air all the way.

    otherwise if its basically going to be a home PC which ocassionaly goes to the library with you, the extra computing power, future proof, graphics, etc. of the MBP edges it.

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