MBP ‘16 Screen Problem Purple Lines

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Jun 16, 2010
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Looks similar to the symptoms reported here;

Maybe get with @Stardustwt in that thread, and compare notes.
Thank you very much for your reply!

It turns out the issue is with the “projector” cord that connects the LCD to the bottom part.

Unfortunately they want $475 for that replacement, so I got that out of the question and ordered the 2018 pro with apple care +.

Will be selling mine as is because I can’t find the lcd replacement for this particular model for any cheaper and private third party people I stopped by yesterday have said that it is not worth it to pay half of its value for this thing at apple store, and to just sell it as is or part it out.

It’s very dissapointing to be honest. The first apple store didn’t even plug anything in to diagnose it and said the range price for this repair. The other apple store actually did determine what it is.

First apple device that needs a major repair in 10 years of owning apple products , so odds are so far in my favor

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Aug 31, 2007
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This is related, hope it helps - pasting it from a reddit thread:

Keep calling Apple customer service until they agree to fix it.

quoting this from another reply someone made to me. I came into a thread, like this, suggesting the person contact Apple:

Indeed it took some effort but Apple fixed it for free in the end. The magic word is broken backlight cable. All in the terminology. What the apple support guy understood as Display cable is a cable that connects the motherboard to the inverter board? (long board before the hinge that has the cables that actutally bend when opening). Said it can be replaced and quoted my $170 to exchange the display cable which obviously had nothing to do with problem as it never bends. They called, told me the display cable is not the problem and wanted $400 to exchange display assembly. Told them it is the backlight cable which cannot be exchanged and I won't pay $400 for a design flaw. Senior Apple support relented after another hour on the phone and Apple fixed it for free in two days and threw in a new battery.​


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Dec 3, 2019
I have the same issue on MacBook Pro 15 “ model from 2017.


Horizontal lines are flickering and changing color. It started the next day when I opened the lid.

Connecting external display works without flickering lines.

I wonder if this happens more often for this kind of model ? Seems that not only the 2016 MacBook Pros with backlight issues are effected. So the message is, don't close the lid it can damage your display.

My old MacBook Pro from 2010 still works. Only changed the battery once.
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