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MBP 13" 2017: Can it edit videos on Adobe Premiere Pro?


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Oct 31, 2016
I have MBP 13" 2017. And I am learning video editing on Adobe Premiere Pro 2020. I would like to know if this machine is fully capable of handling 1) FHD 1080P editing and 2) 4K editing without any kind of issues. I couldn't find satisfactory answers on Google.

Another Q: I have a 1080P monitor I connect my MBP with. Does it matter to the computer's resources if I am using both screens (MBP's screen and monitor) at the same time? Will I save processing power, RAM, graphics etc. if I close the lid and use only the monitor? Or is it negligible difference?
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Jul 18, 2002
The 2017 13" rMBPs only have dual core processors and Intel Iris Plus graphics. FHD should be generally fine. 4K without proxies is going to be painful. I think your laptop will be fine to learn on, but you should upgrade if you want to get really serious about editing.

Using a single display instead of both won't make much difference, if any.
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