MBP 17” A1189 battery fail – please help access Apple Customer Support?

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    Seven Steps to a “Help Me, Please?” Plea for Assistance

    [1] 2009 – Apple creates global, free-of-change, battery replacement program: ‘MacBook and MacBook Pro Battery Update 1.2’ Exchange and Repair Extension Program – for their design-flawed Apple A1189 battery’s dead-&-bloated failure mode. [kudos, respect due] :apple::cool:
    A typical design-flawed Apple A1189 battery in dead-&-bloated failure mode – swollen cells crack open the battery’s casing :(
    [2] 2011 – My A1189 battery fails, dead-&-bloated: Apple replace it free-of-change, as per [1], and my MacBook Pro is up-&-running again in no time. [perfect Apple Customer Service, as usual] :apple::)

    [3] 2014 – My A1189 battery fails, dead-&-bloated (and takes down power adapter too): Apple now wants ME to pay THEM for the replacement parts needed to repair the damage caused by THEIR design-flawed A1189 battery failure to MY Macbook Pro! :mad:
    Erm... surely some mistake? I think NOT: intolerable Apple[don’t]Care injustice is intolerable – “So, we bust your computer, eh? Fuggedabahdid! You give us money, we fix your computer, capiche?” :eek:
    [4] Wed 28 May – My ‘Apple UK Complaint’ is tasked to Apple employee ‘Margaret Lordan, Executive Relations EMEIA’.

    [5] Thu 29 May
    – Research reveals that Ms Lordan’s reputation precedes her, like a bad smell: “Margaret Lordan is the most unhelpful person at Apple. I feel your pain. She is absolutely terrible to deal with.”; “That Margaret Lordan is right cow.”; “Lordan has a reputation that is damaging the brand.” [direct quotes from but three MacRumours users]

    [6] Fri 06 Jun
    – After 12 emails over 9 days, our complaint resolution progress STILL EQUALS ZERO – I’ve merely accumulated bucket loads of FAIL re Ms Lordan’s customer support incompetencies. [details omitted for concision, available on request]

    [7] Sat 07 Jun – ‘Help Me, Please?’ shout out goes out to the MacRumours community.
    Could you please PM me the name and email address of Apple Inc. customer support specialists or managers with whom you’ve recently had positive experiences – ie: those who do still provide a customer-focussed, helpful, understanding, and compassionate customer support experience, like they all used to do back in 2011, and in earlier decades.
    Many thanks in advance for your assistance,

    [Loyal 6-Macs-over-21-years Apple customer, pining for the days of perfect Apple Customer Support]
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    No Help @ MacRumours Forums – See Parallel Thread for the Full Story

    Significantly, and in marked contrast to other well-met appeals for end user solidarity assistance from 2011 and earlier, Apple Support Communities member Melophage is the ONLY person from the combined thousands of Apple cognoscenti gathered together at discussions.apple.com and forums.macrumors.com to have responded.

    My hunch is that other Apple loyalists realise there’s nothing they can do individually to halt the corruption of a once great innovative enterprise into just another greed-centric transnational mobster-like corporation – and trying to help somebody who is highlighting the illogical, immoral, unethical, unjust, unlawful and uncaring nature of Apple[don’t]Care Customer Lack-of-Support corporate policy opens up too many painful psychological wounds in realising their passive complicity and collusion with Yanqui corporate fascism.

    Of course, two things we can all do when our UK consumer rights are trampled upon by a Yanqui corporation are to report the offenders to the Trading Standards authority, and to sue the offenders in court using the small claims track provided by the UK Ministry of Justice.

    You can read (for now) the unfolding story of my dispute resolution with Apple UK at:

    • MBP 17” A1189 battery fail – please help access Apple Customer Support?
    – thread » https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6336230

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