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Original poster
Mar 10, 2021
Hi, I know is pretty common to someone come here and ask for a advice about purchasing a new Mac, but here we goes...
So I current have a MacBook Pro 13” 2017 8GB RAM with 256Gb SSD and NO Touch Bar, I was wondering if it worth to buy a MacBook Pro 13” 8GB RAM M1 with 512GB SSD.

My usage consists in coding nodejs, java and in future Swift on Xcode to build iOS apps. I’m afraid that 8GB ram is not enough for that. Sadly I live in Brazil and the difference between 8GB ram and 16GB is very high. With that difference I want to buy the apple care, so I won’t need to worry about if anything bad related to M1 ssds happen on my mbp.

Im planning to move out to another country in like 2 years so this computer would be for the next 2 - 3 years or so. What do you guys think?
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