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MBP 2019 16" with Belkin USB-C Pro Dock with Dual Monitor issue with additional accessory


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Jun 6, 2017
I have a 2019 MBP 16" and I am using a Belkin Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Pro Dock.

I have two 1080p monitors connected to the dock. This setup generally works fine without any issues. Periodically, I have to unplug the dock from the macbook. because of it failing to recognize one of the monitors but this is rare.

However, I have started using a Blue Yeti X microphone and am having tons of problems.
1) It isnt recognized when plugged into the dock
2) I have to restart computer if it goes to sleep for it to recognize the microphone when plugged into the mac via a usb-c to usb dongle.
3) My biggest issue, when the mic does work via option 2, one of my external displays is distorted until I unplug the Mic and unplug the dock.

I am generally ok with my workaround but really need to identify a solution to the distorted display if possible. Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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