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MBP serial # is not permanent?


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Mar 1, 2006
Ok, so here's the deal. Maybe i'm missing something, but it seems as though the serial # of the machine can be changed, somehow. So here's what happened.

For simplicity's sake, say my mbp's serial is #1 and my cousin's #2. One day me and my cousin swapped top panel (speaker & keyboard one). Under the part is a sticker with the Ethernet & Serial # on it. When we swapped, we forgot to exchange the stickers. No big deal, right? Wrong.

A week later I sent in my mbp,(serial #1) accidentally using my cousin's serial # provided on the panel we swapped, instead of the one using the Apple icon. So when Apple about why my repair took so long, she mentioned the serial number on my machine didn't match that of what was on file, but it got fixed anyways. When I got it back, me and my cousin swapped the top panels back, so now we have our originals back. But when I went to check my serial via Apple icon, my cousin's serial number showed up cuz i used her serial to register for my repair.

So I go over and check my cousin's serial on her machine and it came up being the same. So in order for her to get her whine repaired, it seems as though she'll need to use my serial number to do so.

Today I visited the Apple Store to get my "T" key fixed and the info was all criss-crossed. The purchase date on my machine was hers, and the same w/ everything else. It's just a mess, esp w/ the serial #.

So what I'm thinking is, the serial must have been programmed into the mobo. Is the thinking that the new mobos are all clean slates?

So now, we have two machines w/ identical serials, ugh. And it'll create a lot of trouble if her machine has issues cuz the info she gives to Apple will show my info while my info is still under my info.

Anyways, I wonder why Apple didn't call me and ask why the serial didn't match my strange :confused:


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Oct 21, 2003
Portland, OR
When one gets the logic board replaced, the serial number is "lost". The replacement motherboards have no serial numbers associated with them. One simply assumes that the previous serial number is the same on the Mac with the replaced logic board, even though it doesn't show up in System Profiler.

At least this is the way it was pre-Intel Macs.


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Mar 20, 2005
Call Apple and say you had both serial's written down and gave them the wrong one when you called. Tell them that now your other MBP has the same serial and you need to get one changed back.


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Oct 1, 2005
yellow said:
At least this is the way it was pre-Intel Macs.
Still persists


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