MBpro 2011 Web Designers High or Low Res. And Display shimmer 15" Stnd Glossy

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    Dec 2, 2010
    I would really appreciate some feedback on this guys - especially from Web creatives / coders. Also 15" Mac Book Pro 2011 buyers of standard resolutions screens read the end of this post for my experience of problems with the screens displaying correctly subtle gradients - viewing angels.

    First off - the great High res vers Standard res display debate (i think im sold on going for exchanging my gloss to the matte - a lot of reflections especially outside) Here's my problem for web design use - could the High Res screen be as much a hinderance as an advantage to people doing web design - Why? because im thinking as much as you have effectively more real estate for building & designing the site - you are working at a resolution higher than most people viewing your site would see it - eg you would be working/viewing the site 30% smaller than perhaps your average site viewer on an equivalent 15" screen etc. So im guessing setting font sizes & menus etc & working on usability may be a problem. I would love some comment on this -especially from web developers/designers in the 15" macbook pro range. I would also love to know if its possibly & how it looks to switch a high resolution MBPro to the native resolution of the MB Pro range - eg would/should give a more real world users perspective on the site. Comments please!! - Im going to have to travel to London to find a dealer with both side by side - so any comments would be gratefully appreciated!

    Right I took the plunge & got a MB Pro 2.3 2011 - after trying local dealers I couldn't find any examples of high res gloss & high res matte so decided perhaps rather too quickly to opt for the 'standard' resolution gloss display - believing Apple wouldn't put something in adequate on a pro machine, hmmm (ha! thats why they put only 5200 rpm drives in them I guess ;-) ) The first 2011 MB Pro 2.3 (1gb vid) Gloss standard to turn up displayed a pixel lag effect at the top of the screen (about a 3mm shift) - thankfully this was cured on a rather prompt OS update from Apple specific to the MB Pros. What wasnt fixed by the patch was a problem in the top left hand corner of the screen displaying gradients - lighter greys, finder & safari window headers for example when viewed in the area on movement of the viewing angle (eg moving my head) or moving the object (eg safari window) in the finder would create a chicken wire effect in this portion of the screen being visible. I tried to capture the problem in photos for the Apple care Technician I was dealing with, & ended up going independently to a certified Apple engineer to get him to look at & confirm the problem to the guy I was dealing with on the phone. I then re ordered the replacement machine, this machine also had a problem - although it was'nt as noticeable as my first machine, again just effecting the left hand side of the display. After I tried taking the photographs before & comparing to my cinema display (matte) it was obvious the MB Pro standard glossy screen utilises hexagonal pixels - hmmm im thinking hence the chicken wire look, maybe the fine manufacturing tolerances are just slightly out, which causes this problem when trying to resolve finer gradients on screen. Hmmm bonded glossy screens - this is starting to remind me of iphone 4 problem with yellowing - again a glossy surface bonded to a pixel display. I have seen this problem on another machine in store, & I would be careful if you are ordering the standard resolution screen, that in the first 14 days you take a close look at the display to make sure your pro machine is consistently & correctly displaying gradients - just in case you have picked up a Macbook Pro with a display issue- its one of those things, you might be too busy luxuriating in the fine unibody enclosure or the horse power under the lid to bother looking too hard at the screen in the first 14 days to notice the chicken wire shimmer effect in part of your screen. To be honest if I hadnt had the first problem machine with a bad case, I might not have noticed the second machines issues for a while.

    As I said before, id really appreciate some feedback on the High Resolution screens & working in the web / design environment & ideally someone with a high res 2011 MB pro - esp. if they can let me know how it is switching down to a more 'native' (eg normal users view) 1440 x 900 - can you do that on a high res version at all ?

    Many thanks in advance!
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    Mar 20, 2011
    Having worked on a 15" standard res for a years now, I can say that upgrading this time around I jumped at the higher resolution. I develop in Xcode and Eclipse and for these IDEs the standard res feels cramped, so more space is much more comfortable. I would imagine a similar experience doing web design too.

    Switching down on any of these though doesn't really look hot. LCDs have their native resolution and running other resolution sizes makes everything look out of focus.
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    Usquebaugh - I really appreciate this, kinda confirms what I was thinking about switching down - (if you have sec, be good to know how 1440x 900 looks on your high res. im assuming it doesnt look great, but it'd be good to know for sure). I have read about high res MB Pro users talking about zooming in to read web sites a few times & that coupled with the fact I would be designing a web page at 30% smaller than possibly most people would see it made me a bit concerned - but on the other hand I see the advantages more real estate has. Out of interest - do you find your self squinting at web pages or documents ? & did you go gloss or matte?

    Thanks again,

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