MCB 13 or 15, or iMac for New Machine-General Use Along with Video/Photo Editing

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by deeve, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Dec 20, 2012
    Hello, I currently have a Mid 2009 13" MBP with 8gb Ram, 2.26 dual core processor and 160GB HDD. I got a a GoPro for Christmas and found that the machine just isnt up to the task of editing the videos with Premiere 11. My uses for the machine are general use, along with beginner-hoping-to-learn/grow Video and Photo editing. At this point the current MBP I have cannot even play the raw vids smoothly to edit. I have tried all kinds of things with the help from the Adobe forum and after all was said and done, the problem seems to be too slow/old of a CPU to handle things. Poor thing is maxed all the time. Any kind of rendering takes 60+ minutes for even 10 min vids shot at 1080p30fps.

    I am looking at getting a new Mac. So far I have narrowed down to a current 13" MCP 2.9 i7 with 8gb of RAM and the base 750gb 5400RPM HDD. Any upgrades to both of those specs I can do myself. Other option is a 15" MBP, but not sure on the specs I would be happy with. I know the 15" models have a little bit slower CPU, but have a dedicated GPU. Final option is an iMac, but what I dont like about those is the lack of portability and upgrade ability. From what I understand, unless you go with the top 27" model (which only allows RAM upgrade at that) you are stuck with what you order.

    Questions are: Will the 13" work out well for what I want-concerned about the on-board graphics being able to handle the editing. Like I said, just beginner level video editing stuff, but hope to get better. How much does the graphics capability have to do with video editing?

    If I go with a 15" model is there that much difference between the different CPU's or GPU's for my need?

    Would an iMac work that much better to make it worth the drawbacks of not upgradeable or portable?

    Kind of a broad spectrum, but I feel I am getting closer to what I will be happy with. My 2009 works fine and would not be on the chopping block if it could play back the editing timeline smoother.
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    Jan 10, 2013
    No.. the 15" do not have slower CPU...

    Clocks mean nothing unless you have checked the number of cores, the architecture, the bandwidth etc...

    long story shot, the ones in 15" are waaaay better than the ones on 13".

    1080P 30fps should be reasonably fine to handle with 13".
    60fps however, may be frustrating.

    Getting a 15" would definitely help in terms of the screen real estate AND the performance of your said tasks.

    If you can allocate the GPU to do some of the work, it will be even faster.

    However, your Processors are the ones that do most of the work for Adobe applications. So no, the GPU alone won't make much difference.

    But the CPU in the 15" are quad-core while the ones in 13" are dual... the difference is massive. The difference is significant enough for you to feel it firsthand.

    Have a look around in the internet, I am sure you will find Premiere pro or FCP rendering speed benchmark somewhere.
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