Measures HD 1.0.0 - Powerful Unit and Currency Converter for the iPad

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    Aug 9, 2011
    Hi folks,

    a week ago we released the iPad version of our popular utility which until then was only available as an iPhone/iPod Touch compatible app. In the dedicated iPad version we have added some cool features:

    - Comforable UI designed specifically for the iPad
    - Unlimited number of bookmarks / favorites for most frequently used conversions.
    - Wikipedia integration (including interoperability with Articles app when it is installed)
    - Powerful search functionality

    Measures can convert between over 1000 different units from 40 categories. Among them are 170+ world currencies kept current via the internet. The library of units is fully customizable and can be adapted to user's needs. One can deactivate units which are not required. There is built-ind calculator allowing to perform quite complex calculations. Version 1.0.0 comes with two different UI themes.

    What others say about Measures:

    "...Measures HD is an ideal way of converting an impressive wealth of different units..." (

    "...Measures may lack the amount of polish seen in any Tapbots or Iconfactory app, but as far as the actual unit and currency conversion goes, Measures works better than anything else I’ve tried on the iPad to date..." (

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