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Discussion in 'Games' started by bigmikey105, Oct 23, 2004.

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    Try this site:

    I think I remember something about that on this site.

    If you get a server up and running, let me know.
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    You might also try GameAdmins (click on "Sevrer Guides" on the left side). Although they are not "Mac friendly", the configuration files and commands apply to PC and Mac versions of those games because the share the engine. They really do have a lot of useful info. there that applies to the games in all platforms. The site also has a link to "Commander Keen's" guides to variables and commands used in most of those "Quake engine based" games.

    That aside, you will see instructions to launch from command line with options (such as "+set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg") which is bit harder to do in Mac OS. One way to enter those commands is to hold down the "Shift" key when you launch your program by double clicking on the icon. A small "console" window will come up with a field to allow you to enter such command line options.

    If the game app is a "Cocoa" (native OS X) application, the '.app' is actually a folder. You can see if this is the case by holding down 'Ctrl' key while selecting the application on the finder. If one of the options is 'Show Package Contents', this is really a folder and that option will let you explore inside. From a Terminal window you can navigate inside the '' folder for the application where you will find a 'Contents' folder. Inside that you will find several items, including a folder named 'MacOS'. This folder generally contains the ACTUAL executable for the game, and you can usually launch it from the command line with any options you need at that location.

    If the game app is a "Carbon" (as I believe MOH is), it can be launched from the command line with a utility called 'LaunchCFMApp' but I don't know how to pass command line arguments to the target application. Maybe someone else knows how or if it is even possible. You may be stuck with the "Shift-double-click" method I described earlier for passing command line arguments.

    One cool thing about this stuff is that it generally applies to "demo" as well as "full versions" of those games.

    One last option for you (but I believe only works for "full versions" of the game) is to check out Game Server Configurators for a shareware tool to manage game servers. I tried one (GSC Spearhead) and it seemed like a nice, logical front end to the essential configuration options you would find at ''.

    Hope this helps . . .

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