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    A G4 Cube Mod.

    I understand and respect the G4 Cube mods that countless other users have detailed online: from the installation of custom parts to create an aesthetically pleasing hackintosh - to the more simple, but equally rewarding process of gutting the Cube to make way for a Mini. Great.

    Now, let me briefly detail my situation and subsequently, my needs (er.. *wants)

    I have a shambolic media collection; one that is spread between a number of external hard drives of varied sizes and origin. What a mess.
    So, I consolidated and organized the files; trashed the impulse buys and held on to those cherished films and shows that I could not do without: This was hard.

    What I want to do is mod my G4 Cube to house anywhere from 6-8 TB; essentially, make my G4 Cube a large external hard drive, the most ultimate and aesthetically pleasing media storage device.

    & I have no idea where to start... but I know: It must be done.

    Well, the Cube should have 4 bays, which I would fill, at present time, with 3x 2TB HDDs
    -How would I go about producing or finding a bare-bones 4-bay enclosure to fit in Cube?
    -How would I then go about cooling the whole shindig?
    -How does one consolidate the drives to be recognized as a single 6/8TB HDD via computer?
    -How do I configure this set-up to exit via a USB 2.0 connection
    -Is there a possibility, in the coming months, that I may be able to switch this set-up from USB to Thunderbolt?
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    First off, TIMG your pictures, please.

    Get the interior dimensions and compare with the dimensions of the assorted enclosures available in a place like New Egg or CDW.

    That's the biggest problem you'll have. I'd recommend a large diameter, low RPM fan on the bottom of the case.

    You'll almost certainly need a RAID controller for that.

    Don't do that. I'd really recommend an eSATA connection for this. As stated above, you'll probably want a RAID controller and you can't really do RAID over USB. Additionally, you'll want a good RAID controller for the sake of your data's integrity. The downside is that you'll lose capacity for a parity drive or drives.

    Almost certainly not.
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    Are you trying to gut the cube and fill it with hard drives?
    If so:
    you could put hard drives in it but it would be slow over usb 2
    do you have any thunderbolt macs?
    Because then you could get some thunderbolt drives and daisy chain 3 together and shove everything in there.
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    I will make you a deal.. if you lose the giant generic Cube photo (we all know what one looks like) and the unnecessary screenshots of every video file you have I will gladly help you.

    When you show a bunch of unnecessary photos and then ask for help it looks like your priority was just to show photos. Hence the not really being helped yet.

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