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    Link: Media Buddy by Digital Foci
    Description:: If you already own an iPod with a color screen, you would do well to consider just laying out the extra $29 for Apple’s iPod Camera Connector. You will find you have as much or more functionality than the Media Buddy for $150 less. In fact, for the cost of Media Buddy you can afford a 4GB card for your camera, and odds are you will not fill that before you can get back to your computer.

    If, however, you do not already own an iPod, and are looking simply to find a fool-proof way to offload your photos from your memory cards, Media Buddy will certainly get the job done (just don’t expect the iPod’s versatility and portability).

    Rating: 6 out of 10
    Price: $179 (for the 40GB version)
    Pros: Holds a huge amount of photos, built-in rechargeable battery, easy one-button transfers, supports a wide range of media card types.
    Cons: Slow transfers, no color screen, bulky, music player functionality is very basic.

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