Mem test fails only with both ram in


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Jan 14, 2020
Hi, I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on some issues I'm having with my Macbook 2012 unibody model.
I added an ssd for storage in place of the DVD drive, no problems it seems. Then I updated the OS to High Sierra, it failed initially so had to go into recovery mode to try again. Again everything seemingly fine. However now it sometimes randomly crashes without warning with an error about EXC_BAD_ACCESS (sigbus)

I used Rember to test the 2x8gb modules but it fails-something about data mismatch at local address. I then took the ram out and tested one by one in the bottom and then bottom slots and all tests passed. However as soon as I put both ram sticks back in, Rember gives me the FAILURE! data mismatch error again. If it's not the slots or the ram what could be causing this? The SSD? HD cable? OSX? and is it likely related to the random crashes?