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Oct 30, 2001
What would be great is if apple had a membership program up for it's stores and resellers, so you can go to them and if you buy a couple of macs or you have a couple you can get a card (a proper one not a crappy bit of paper) that gives you discounts on all apple hardware and software.

That would be cool i'd like that, also you get to be a member of apple what could be better. Owning apple?


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Oct 30, 2001
What I would really like (though they probally already have people for this) is dedicated members get to beta test all new apple software like OS11?

What would they call os11 anyway would they be keeping roman numerals?


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May 9, 2001
Always me

Apple products are not as easy to sell as CD's. You get a computer once a year at most, and later some ram. Think about, How many people are gonna used the card and how oftem? They usually have other kind of promotions like rebates or free memory that they can control. If some one buy a computer, and 3 months later buy some memory, and a month later buy some software, and get discounts for "detail" sales, imagine the companies that buy 40 or 80 iMacs or G4, they should get the same discount plus the discount for volume.
For some reason having a card doesn't work for this kind of products. The problem is the "what you don't see" of the bussiness.
May be you got your card but is usefull in Apple Stores only (and they will never be that many), not in other resellers. That would be a problem with the infraestructure, plus you may not get a rebate then.


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Sep 18, 2001
OS XI doubtful

The reason it is OS X is because it is based on UNIX.. just like an X Window environment. many of the utils start with X (like xset and xdm).. that's why. I don't think there will be an os XI it will be just 11.. or maybe X is the last.. I think it is definately good enough.. just a few more updates now and then, but if new ideas come, they can be easily added.. there's no need to keep going up the numbers..

think about it.. what was the difference between mac os 7 and mac os 9.2.1.. maybe a few new features? i.e. multiple users, sherlock, but why couldn't these have been just add-ons.. granted it would have been harder in these os's to do this, but one that is based on UNIX should be quite the breeze..

way to go apple for the most powerful operating system in the world!

sorry MS, you are done.

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Nov 4, 2001
11 and beta

There is the Apple Beta Testing program, I have never bothed to sign up. In will do that tonight!

I think they will just call it 11 not XI



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Jul 24, 2001
In the shadow of the Space Needle.
20? what about 30? OS XXX!! Aple sales volume will go through the roof with all the porn surfers! (And we all know that porn is the biggest moneymaker on the net)
I want OS XXX!
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