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Apr 12, 2001
The Guardian has an interview with Steve Wozniak. Of note, he echoes out opinion on the Newton line:

The Newton was probably the most special machine that I have ever used. I regularly took outlined notes with regular handwriting. I would handwrite things like "Sara dentist Tuesday 2pm", click Assist, and have the calendar appointment set up. I would even handwrite "call Jim" to make a phone call, without the structured approach of dialling numbers on my phone. That machine truly freed my head to work in easier ways.

Ah... so true. Still waiting for a proper Newton replacement...


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Jul 8, 2001
Amen.. We've not progressed in 4 years..

The only advances made since the Newton's demise are size/performance, (the iPaq is small, while still being about equal to the Newton as far as hardware.), and color. If the Newton had a formfactor similar to the iPaq, and was color, *even* with NewtonOS 2.1, it would be the most capable PDA on the planet. Period.

Damn you Steve..

Peter Villevoye

Not allowed but a strong:

The Newton was dropped at the moment it -finally- had a usable hardware configuration (MP 2100) and the most important additional software reached its best incarnation (MoreInfo version 5).

Whenever I use it for day-planning, note-taking, voice-recording or fetching email with my cellular phone, Palm users (or users of any other brand) are baffled by the unbelievable hardware features it offers and the software wizardry it performs.

Okay, it's a hefty gadget but the screen is large and I like it that way. The handwriting-recognition is awesome (it takes the Newton appr. 2 weeks to get used to your quirks, in stead of the other way around...)

But unfortunately, it was too much, too soon, too expensive...
And Steve didn't like it :-(


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Oct 17, 2001
the ressurection of iNewton.

shhh, don't tell anyone.

it's a smartphone on steroids. complete with pda, music and video.


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Aug 12, 2001
Omaha, NE
I don't want to break into semantics, but one would think that if the message you repeatedly post about the "smartphone on steroids" were true, and you really were an insider or informant or had any idea what you were spewing, you could at least spell resurrection correctly. But beyond that, I think we get the point already.


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Oct 17, 2001
Scammonden, UK
Well Done Brad Bowler

I am slightly fed up with seeing that comment left everywhere.

So we get the idea and please please stop it.

Please don't take that the wrong way, I just think 4 or 5 times is enough.

Guy Wickenden


Jul 9, 2000
i don't ignore any pesky informants

hey those so called "insiders" accurately predicted a few products on this site, which i have belonged to or logged onto since the beginning of

remember the iBook, the firewire iBook, the Cube, the dual USB iBook, the quicksilver G4, and the iPod

...they were all leaked here or at apple-insider first with many posters like you telling them to shut up becaue they were stupid, or dreamers, or full of it

and yes, to be fair, about half the rumors i have seen from informants have not come out to be true including the G5, the LCD iMac, and a G4 iMac

but hey, this makes this site fun and if you read every post like i do, or try to, apple has not put out one product without having us, the posters on macrumors, leak it out first