Messages syncing (OS X, iOS) – new devices, central database?

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    I’m using Apple's Messages on a Mac, an iPhone and an iPad, all set to use my Apple ID for Messages.

    Since I had accidentally logged out the iPhone a few times, some conversations aren’t in sync – i.e., some messages in a given conversation only exist on the iPhone, but won't show up on the Mac or the iPad. I have found no way of "retroactively" syncing all messages in all conversations. Is this possible at all?

    Also, let's assume that I buy and setup a new Mac, a new iPad an a new iPhone _from scratch_, i.e., without migrating data or restoring a backup. Now when I log into my existing Apple ID, is there any way to see/retrieve older conversations on the new devices?

    Put simply:

    Assuming that I have set Message History to “Keep forever”: Does Apple have a central Messages database that can be accessed from a new device?

    (I know this does work e.g. for Safari Bookmarks, Calendar and Contact data, but it seems it doesn’t for Messages.)

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    Sadly, at this time they don't, but I've long thought they really should. In my case, I have conversation threads that go back years - way before the introduction of the Messages apps on the iPad and Mac. Plus, receiving SMS messages only recently gained support on those devices as well. As such, my iPhone is the one device of mine that has my message threads in their entirety. Yet, it's also the one device of mine with the least amount of local storage space, and that's starting to become a big issue for me :( As such, I'm in the camp of wanting just what you've described - a central database for retroactively syncing message conversations across devices. Ideally, I'd love it to work the way email does - recent messages get downloaded to the device, while older ones remain on the server but aren't locally stored unless you view them. I'd also love all my threads in their entirety to be accessible from my Macbook and iPad, and even a way to send messages from the iCloud website. I've sent feedback to Apple on this, and hoping we see this someday!

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