Mich. AG Supports Antigay EMU Student

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by leekohler, Mar 15, 2011.

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    I thought this matter was settled. Unfortunately, some people don't know when to quit.

    This guy said it better than I could in the comments section:

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    Feb 9, 2010
    Did I mention lately that I HATE religious people?

    No, this comment said it best:

    "Ms. Ward, let me put this in language even your feeble mind can understand. If I were a member of the KKK, and wanted to become a certified clinical psychologist, and I wanted to refuse YOU treatment because you're black, THAT would be WRONG. I would then say, "But my fundamentalist Christian/KKK beliefs tell me that you're less than human. And I should be allowed my religious convictions that I derive straight out of the bible, where it says that I can have slaves as long as I don't beat them too much." And I would then be promptly, and rightly, thrown out of that clinical psychology program as unfit. Now, replace being black with being gay, and consider how discrimination against both has long been justified using quotes from the bible, and then you'll be able to understand why you're unfit for a career that, for a start, requires basic human compassion. Like it or not, the KKK justifies it's hatred of you the same way you justify your hatred of us. Nice company you keep."
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    Regardless of what you think of her personal views, the school is well within it's rights to fire her for not doing the job as instructed.

    If it were her private company and she did not want to provide service to anyone because of her religious views, I'd say that's 100% justifiable and as it is her company, her choice.

    If she opened up her own counseling service for battered women, I'd say she'd be 100% justified in turning away a male even though some would consider that sexist. Similarly, if she did not want to serve homosexuals, that too should be her prerogative.

    BTW, 'hating' religious people just because they're religious is a sad sad viewpoint. The vitriol I find personally disgusting. That being said, if you want to open up your own business (perhaps a counseling service exclusively for agnostics and atheists) I would say you have the 100% right to turn away someone of faith from utilizing your services.

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