Michael Moore Endorses Donald Trump?! (Audio/YouTube)

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    Audio must surely be edited? Hard to tell, but the only way to know is to listen to all of it...

    Not edited as such, but:

    Immediately after the above-displayed clip ends, Moore goes on to say that Trump voters, like Brexit voters, will soon regret their decision:

    [Voting for Trump will feel good] for a day. Maybe a week. Possibly a month. And then. Like the Brits, who wanted to send a message, so they voted to leave Europe only to find out that if you vote to leave Europe you, actually have to leave Europe.

    And now they regret it. All the Ohioans, Pennsylvanians, Michiganders and Wisconsinites of Middle England, right, they all voted to leave and now they regret it.

    And over 4 million of them signed a petition to have a do-over, they want another election, but It's not going to happen. Because you used the ballot as an anger management tool. And now you're ****ed. And the rest of Europe. They're like, Bye Felicia.

    So when the rightfully angry people of Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin find out after a few months in office that President Trump wasn't going to do a damn thing for them, it will be too late to do anything about it.

    But I get it. You wanted to send a message. You had righteous anger. And justifiable anger. Well, message sent.

    Goodnight America. You've just elected the last president of the United States.

    So there you go... expectedly typical. Since right-wing sights say voting Hillary mean the last president of the US, you're free to take the 1.28 seconds needed to find a deluge of articles... Can't both sides be wrong? Or right? Or rightly wrong? Or wrongly right?
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    Heavily taken out of context. It's from his "documentary" Trumpland filmed in Wilmington, Ohio. That was the part where he was playing devils advocate. He goes on to say they will regret it. I actually watched it, he says he dislikes her and then goes on an hour long rant about how she's the bees knees.

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