"Michelle Obama: ‘When they go low, we go high’"

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    How about people that help Americans that elect them? Not just the 1%? The inner cities aren't any better (why aren't they listening?), elected officials' approval ratings are also oddly low...


    Just like in 2010? (too old an article?)


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    Do you like Michelle Obama's message or are critiquing it? Not sure. :)
    • The 1% don't need any help.
    • Level playing field.
    • Equal opportunity.
    • The principle of non-discrimination.
    • Appropriate financial assistance to get educated, established but not a life time of assistance for the sake of assistance.
    • That said, some impaired people need assistance. Help them or let them drown in the gutter?
    • Health care covered- no one wants to be one illness away from bankruptcy. This is a huge challenge, so many factors.
    • Luddite Time- technology and capitalism. How do you shape society so the majority can live comfortable meaningful lives? ...a stumper requiring significant change, think socialism. :eek:
    • What else? :)
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    Jan 19, 2014
    Well, I guess now having Medicaid health insurance doesn't count...

    ...but, you know, why bother when you can just post photos of black women casting menacing side eyes.

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