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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by arogge, Mar 12, 2004.

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    Feb 15, 2002
    I'm having a lot of trouble using ViaVoice with the Made in Elbonia "Andrea" microphone headset that came with the product. The failure rate is so high that it's actually faster to use the keyboard than to use the voice recognition software. I've done all the reading to it, scanning my documents, and recommended word corrections, and it still doesn't work after a year of trying. I just tried it again after having it unplugged for months and this is what it printed without me saying anything:

    "pump pump fop before the d if keffiyeh for faugh a pop-up Pius upper until puffed pump pit pump up and up buthing pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop-up puppet put pop pop pop pap pop-up pop-up pop pappop point pen up to pump up"

    I ran the ViaVoice Setup Assistant and it recorded the room noise, claiming that everything was working. I tried the microphone again and it just died - nothing prints out. I tried to go back to the Setup Assistant and it claimed that the microphone was not plugged in. When it does print something, it's usually wrong after about five words and I have to use the keyboard to go back and fix it. When I use a regular microphone plugged into the Line In port on the Mac, the Apple Speech works fine, but ViaVoice refuses to use anything but a USB microphone. I contacted ScanSoft and was told that their Elbonian headset was so much better than my microphone for music recording and that I must use theirs, despite the fact that my high-quality hardware was working and their cheap hardware wasn't. They had no explanation for this problem. Is ViaVoice bad software or is it the cheap microphone? What should I do to fix it?
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