Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie: Apps don’t make your phone special

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 18, 2009.

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    Jul 5, 2003
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    Jun 29, 2007
    How is that working out for Windows Mobile, Microsoft?
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    Yeah, Microsoft, and apps on your computer don't make it special either. Oh wait, what is that you say? Oh so desktop apps are somehow different? Is that because that's pretty much the only, albeit small advantage that Windows has over Mac OSX? So what you're really saying is that apps are only important when it benefits Microsoft. But then it's somehow not important on iPhone? I'll tell you one thing: people aren't going to want to switch from the mainstream App Store to something proprietary like WinMobile that uses something called EXE. I mean, it's not even compatible with over 100,000 apps in the App Store! Microsoft needs to get their stuff together and allow running of Cocoa Touch apps if they want to be successful.

    Oh wait, that's impossible. Just like Mac OS X doesn't run the millions of EXE apps from Windows. I'm sorry Microsoft, but the tables have turned! Your argument doesn't hold any water. Keep up the FAIL, it's been fun to watch!
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    Mar 30, 2009

    My answer to his comment 'apps dont make your phone special'

    Guess what Neither does windows make your phone special either, it just makes it run sh*te going on the 3 years i spent with windows phones.

    Also if apps are simple to make. Try producing a full blown Sat/Nav system for a phone. I would imagine it is quite complex to create a full map of the world then accurately map the streets along with the directions of one way systems then constantly keep it up to date. Not to mention the complex algorithms involved in getting you the best A to B route without turning you up one way streets, also add traffic data in realtime do effectively avoid jams and get you the most efficient route home, then throw in speed camera database that is constantly updated as well as integrating a full business directory and i would say you have got a pretty damn complex app for a phone!
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    Aug 30, 2009
    Final Cut Pro (APP) for Mac OS X that is killer and is basically the single reason many hollywood editers buy a Macintosh, right?

    Uh... Well... there are a lot of Apps for Windows that justify some people buying it I think... right?

    So... how do Apps not make a product special again? I swear... I don't hate microsoft... Well. I don't want to hate them. But comments like this just make them sound like a bunch of morons. Seriously.
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    IS THIS GUY FOR REAL? Microsoft = Fail. Yeah it is not special that Billions of apps have been downloaded, and Millions of dollars worth of apps are sold through the store every quarter. He might not think it is that great, but the general public does. Idiot.

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    Yet, Ozzie's boss sees things quite differently:

    "I know you are, but what am I?"
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    I heard on Buzz Out Loud that Windows Mobile lost some 20+ percent of their marketshare this year alone.

    I don’t understand why Microsoft doesn’t start over from scratch with Windows Mobile. It looks (and works) like a PocketPC PDA from the 1999-2001 era. The UI is so dated that most Windows Mobile device manufacturers put their own custom UI on top.

    The 6.5 UI is better, but not great.

    Microsoft should take the Zune HD UI, build in whatever is missing (phone capabilities, e-mail, calendar, etc) and move from there. Quit trying to fix the old UI.

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    Jul 11, 2003
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    In early Septembre i've bought a 2nd hand HTC for my girlfriend. And before i gave to her, i made a "walk around" in the mobile, config that thing with her email installing a browser e some other stuff.

    MAN!! i tell you after a year with the iphone, only 5 min messing with winmobile...OMFG!!!!!! where the heck is the 300page manual?! i spent almost 2 days to get the things right...ohhhhh no. They wont catch me with a thing like that no more

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