Microsoft back-pedaling


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Jul 4, 2002
Muncie, Indiana
Open Source is not really about open source...

... but about who controls the applications and data. Microsoft wants to lock people into their products and they want to control how people use their computers. They are part of Palladium/Trusted Computing/RIAA/MPAA, what we might call the Soviet Union of computing. The Open Source Initiative is about people being free to do with their data and computers whatever they like. Microsoft views open source as a cancer because it threatens their control.

Good! They, like the Soviet Union, are destined for the ash-heap of history. And like the Soviet Union, as they shrink and die, they will never understand why it is happening to them. They will think they stand for all that is good in computing -- look how they claim to represent Innovation! -- how can it be that people reject that? Yet reject it they shall. Reject it we shall!


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Oct 28, 2002
Non-Apple Corps - becoming Corpses.

Some non-Apple companies sure are making very weird noises. It sometimes seems like the largest of them is falling apart, lacking direction, and generally uninterested.

Certainly the number of Windows and Microsoft users are as plentiful as the trees of the forests; But when you're the big Cat in the Jungle, that's not a problem. Apple Computer Inc. is far faster, more agile, and advanced than it's competitors. :cool: