Microsoft being stupid (as usual) to target iOS devices in negative commercials?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by PracticalMac, Sep 21, 2013.

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    True that Apple is by far the biggest device maker, and one can say an "easy target", its like a massive walled fortress vs a newbie with a slingshot. Its like comparing Apples to Oranges in what they offer.

    IMHO MS should go after Google because they are functionally similar and have people more willing to try an alternative to Android. Appeal to the "Apple haters" out there.
    Naturally those in the Apple ecosystem will not be inclined to leave to try another.

    In the past Apple supported MS, provided software and insuring compatibility, getting benefits from the wake generated by the giant MS.
    Google is doing the same thing, offering a full set of iOS apps that allow iPhone users to keep a foot in the Google world.
    Microsoft can do the same thing, provide a full set of apps so they too can ride the iOS wake, and make it easier for someone to try WinPhone.

    Don't forget, there is a huge war between MS and Google, and MS is loosing that war.

    The way I see if, if MS wants to survive, it needs to buddy up with Apple. They don't need to be kissing cousins, but certainly bury the hatchet and work with Apple.

    (for those who know the history way WAY back, IBM was Apple's #1 rival from 80 to 89.
    By 1994 IBM was in danger of going bankrupt (by MS) and joined with Apple to make a partnership that helped turn IBM, and Apple, around. )
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    Business is business. Apple are guilty of the exact same thing at a time when, based on your theory, they should have been buddying up with Microsoft.

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    They're Frenemies. No sense trying to make sense of what they do or say about each other.

    Kinda like China and the USA have an odd hypocritical relationship with each other.

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