Microsoft copies Apple icon artwork for its website.

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 13, 2006.

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    Why is it so easy to love Apple and so easy to hate Microsoft?
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    Part of the reason is the difference between how Apple and Microsoft have practiced business.

    Lets look at sports... ideally you have a number of athletes competing to win a contest. In most sports the contest is rerun at regular intervals, and the participants reenter the contest with an equal chance at winning.

    Microsoft is like the Tonya Harding of the software world. Winning isn't enough, additional steps need to be taken to cripple the competition for them to succeed in their mind.

    By contrast, no one believes that Apple (even when successful) has crippled or destroyed anyone's ability to compete... infact most people assume that Apple's position of success is momentary.

    People don't hate teams/athletes that win the World Series, the SuperBowl or the like by being the best at their sport, but they do dislike those who cheat to not only gain an advantage, but also to remove competition in the sport entirely.

    The Yankees are disliked for having more money to spend on players for their club. Imagine how much they would be disliked if they removed all other teams from baseball and only played the World Series against little league teams?

    That is Microsoft's goal. And that is why Microsoft is so easy to hate. It is not because they have won contests... it is because they have won contest by making sure no one else could compete.
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    I believe that iTunes music DRM has stopped people going to other MP3 players. They use iTunes for their iPod, then get a few 'free songs of the week' and maybe <$10 music. They don't even look at Creative because their music is incompatible. I love the iPod, but this is just like Microsoft's strategies.
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    Yeah, that's hardly news. :p
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    It has been pointed out recently that the vast majority of music on mp3 players is coming from CDs and not from music downloads. And that all of the music download services combined still only make up a small fraction of the music sold on CDs.

    With that information, it is hard to see how Apple's DRM is what caused the iPod's success. In fact, the iPod's success predates both the iTunes Music Store and when iTMS became available for Windows users.

    Also DRM is not something that Apple came up with. This was a requirement of the music industry, and there are now two more DRM schemes out there. And besides, the success of Apple's DRM is the fact that it was the most liberal any that had come before it. Apple's DRM is designed to be an inconvenience... just hard enough to get around that a majority of people won't do it.

    That having been said, I've gone back to CDs and have converted all my iTMS music to mp3s. I don't trust proprietary formats by anyone (including Apple). And I also don't care for forced migration (forcing upgrades to continue using iTunes). I haven't had to upgrade any of my CD players in the last 10 years, why should I have to constantly upgrade software and then hardware to continue to use iTMS?

    While I don't care for Apple's strategy with iTunes, until it supplies a vast majority of the music on mp3 players, it still doesn't match anything Microsoft has done.
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    To be fair, I don't think that what he was saying was that DRM was the culprit, but rather the fact that Apple doesn't let anyone else use their DRM. No other players can play iTS music, and no other stores can sell DRMed music that will play on the iPod.

    Now, as far as CDs go, I have heard some rumblings about the music industry wanting Apple (and others) to DRM music ripped from CDs. But, of course, that'll be a loosing battle, as there are so many bits of software out there from third parties that can do otherwise. Still, it would be quite a nuisance if that were implemented...

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