Microsoft move sends shivers through antivirus market

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 7, 2005.

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    A truly Microsoftian story:

    Microsoft makes an OS full of holes, often attacked, requiring time and labor to defend, patch, and re-patch.

    Microsoft purchases an antivirus company, and re-brands the software as its own.

    Microsoft purchases an anti-spyware company, and re-brands THAT software as its own.

    Microsoft gives away both solutions in partial form, thus showing how good it is about security and privacy.

    Microsoft admittedly plans to stop giving these solutions away and charge for both of them in the near future.

    Microsoft makes money off of its own software flaws, charging its own customers AGAIN to fix problems resulting from software they already bought once.

    Microsoft muscles out other anti-virus companies, abusing its monopoly power in yet another area.

    The Microsoft monoculture becomes even more vulnerable as the variety of anti-virus solutions and companies shrinks.

    Virus-writers have a whole new incentive to attack Windows.
  5. space2go macrumors regular

    Feb 5, 2004
    Plus the tool (optionally) joins its own p2p net. Which means it has the potential to actually worsen the spyware situation by being a distribution channel for exactly those programs it can't detect jet. ;)
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    Oct 21, 2003
    w3rd to Nagromme's comments above...

    this is not a positive development for the Windows consumer IMHO.
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    As much as I dislike Microsoft, they are kinda "damned if you do, damned if you don't" in this situation. "Damned if you do" because a lot of people will not trust MS to provide their own tools that truly block their own security holes. "Damned if you don't" because a lot of people will complain MS is not doing enough to properly secure their OS.
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    May 2, 2002
    What MS could do is concentrate on patching their holes. Any contribution they have to make towards anti-virus and anti-spyware efforts (real contributions, not buying companies out) could be given away to existing anti-virus companies, or even sold to them--but NOT sold to consumers of Windows. MS does not have to replace Symantec etc. in order to be seen to do something about its problems. That won't change the cries that MS is failing in this--and it may even bring more attention to the issue.
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    This news does, however, give Steve the chance to say "Apple? - What viruses?" again and again next week!!

    If a third of the 'new computer' users from christmas are already getting spyware-related BSODs, then a subtle nudge in the direction of an alternative system might prove to be perfect timing for Apple.

    Hmm, maybe...

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    Jan 9, 2005
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    Here's our fix!

    In a somewhat unrelated story Microsoft has patented the letters "E" and "e" the numbers "1" and "0" as well as "68" and a process known as "compiling".

    The DMR will be included in the next security patch that will address (but not completely repair) the holes mentioned in the article. Please do a system wide find and replace of E with 3 asap.

    J. Alamar

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