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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by marapple, Jan 20, 2003.

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    Jan 19, 2003
    I know this is a mac rumors site, but since it this site that I frequent most often and its users are the people are typically in the same frame of mind that I am, I thought I would get your opinion about Microsoft's upcoming project called Palladium. Though I don't have all of the facts about the new MS technologies (that apparently will be part of their future OS), what I have read thus far is frightening (e.g. the inability to share mp3's, documents, etc.). It seems that Mr. Gates is truly flying off the handle and that MS is aptly referred to as an "Evil Empire." So, I just wanted to get your opinion about this stuff and how it might affect mac users down the road?

    Palladium Link:
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    Jan 15, 2003
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    It won't affect macs because its up to Apple to introduce it for themselves, and they are not doing it as of yet.

    If windows had better native security then there would be no need for this. If windows had the structure of UNIX or Linux whereby people don't login as root then there wouldn't be the problems we have now.

    But because the windows platform is crap, this is their solution, along with TCPA.

    Slashdot have an interview with a guy from AMI (BIOS creators), worth a read if you are interested some more.

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