Microsoft "regrets" Mac-to-PC ad

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    Microsoft "regrets" Mac-to-PC ad

    Microsoft, in the wake of an Apple Computer ad campaign to woo Windows users, briefly ran a similar ad of its own.

    An ad, titled "Confessions of a Mac to PC convert," was posted to Microsoft's Web site last week. The article purports to be a first-person account of a writer who decided to switch from an Apple Macintosh computer to a PC running Windows XP.

    "Yes, it's true," the woman is quoted as saying. "I like the Microsoft Windows XP operating system enough to change my whole computing world around...Windows XP gives me more choices and flexibility and better compatibility with the rest of the computing world."

    Although the ad appears to be from a "real person," similar to the Apple campaign, Microsoft said it commissioned the posting from a freelance writer who was paid for her work, although the company claims her experience was genuine. Microsoft also said that the photograph of the "convert" was actually a stock photograph.

    The ad was pulled down from Microsoft's Web site Monday, following an inquiry from CNET Microsoft said the posting, made by Microsoft's software marketing group, was a mistake in judgment.

    Microsoft "regrets the action" and said it did the right thing in removing the page. The company has no plans for an ad campaign featuring Mac to PC "converts."
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    Everything they do is an mistake in judgement...

    is that their explanation for all their actions...

    I wonder if it applies to windows in general....

    "The fact that windows 98 crashes for no reason at all is a mistake in judgement on the part of our programmers. I told them to copy ALL the lines of code from the mac OS, not just some of them..."

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