Microsoft tools drive online music offerings

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 16, 2004.

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    Does Janus have the support of the music industry? I seriously doubt it. If it doesn't it's going to land flat on it's hind parts.
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    "It would take almost $7,500 to fill an iPod with 7,500 songs, while you can fill a device with that many songs in the first month of a portable subscription at about $20-something a month," said Rudin of MusicNow.

    If the online music proviiders are only charging you $20 a month ... how does the music industry get paid? and what happens to the music on your portable MP3 player when you suddenly decide to stop paying your music subscription?
    or from a different point of view
    how long will it take for Janus to be cracked if it hasnt allready been done...?

    At least with .99c per track the music industry gets its cut everytime a track is pruchased

    Untill the big music execs realise that if they dropped the price of music CDs down to a reasonalble level that people would not be so inclined to pirate stuff and if the did simultaneous world wide release of music CDs at the same price like they are starting to do with some movies that they could remove the desire to pirate CDs.

    Esentially it is going to come down to the buying public and which is the easiest device that most people prefer to listen to their music on. For the forseable future that looks to be the iPod.
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    I do not understand this arguement. People do not have time to listen to 7,500 songs. This is what the whole arguement is about.. People want to be able to buy certain songs, not whole albums. They are trying to make arguements from a faulty perspective.

    People have spent hundreds of thousands of dollar in the early 90's for CD's how is spending $7,500 dollars for 7,500 song in the early 90's for CD's of albums full of crap any different?

    With iTunes music store, people have the ability to preview, and choose whether they like the other songs on a particular album instead of just the one top hit.

    Why would I want to rent a bunch of crappy music that microsoft thinks I like.. what if I can;t afford anymore subscription fees. Man.. people think about how many "SUBSCRIPTION FEE'S" we pay everymonth now.. I am poor because of subscription fees. There are mortgage payments, bank fees, internet bill, gas bills, water bills, phone bills, cell phone bills, mastercard bills, car loan bills, utility bills, cable bills, satellite bills, long distance plan bills, etc, etc...

    The reason why these companies have these is because they are gauranteed profit every month in a managed payment. They psychologicallly make the person believe they can afford everything and are getting great value/services. In the end you do not own anything from these people. And you are dependant on them to supply you more.. All the while these places get richer and richer...

    Crap, I am sick of paying money and not getting anything in return from it. If I am going to spend any money on an entertaining product.. I better darn well have somethign to show for it in the end.

    Fair is Fair... Unfortunately nothing is fair anymore when you have people like Bill Gates running the show... All I can think of is his insane plan to steal from people by makign them buy "DIGITAL STAMPS" from him to send e-mails.

    What is this world coming... The Internet used to be a great place before microsoft and the corporations got greedy trying to make money from it... eesh.
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    Adding to above comments, many, maybe most, people want to OWN their music as well. This is why the rent-a-song model hasn't taken a hold and hasn't really been successful yet... I don't get why these nimrods keep trying?!?
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    Dec 29, 2003
    Another c|net article....ignore it....

    They act like people who buy an iPod HAVE to go out and buy $7500.00 worth of songs. They are idiots.

    People (unless they've been living in a cave on Mars for the last ten years with their eyes closed, and their hands over their ears), allready have ton's of music they've BOUGHT over the years. They make it out like buying an iPod forces you to "start over".

    I will NEVER use a subscription service. Once you get started you HAVE to keep it going in order to not loose what you've built up over the years. I want to own the music I buy, and I imagine I am not alone on this. It is absolutely rediculous! Are people out there really this stupid? Will something like this take off?

    idiots. all of them.

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