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Apr 12, 2001

Microsoft today released details on its next generation console at an event hosted at its Redmond campus in Washington. Called the Xbox One, the new console is designed to be the ultimate all-in-one home entertainment system with a heavy focus on both gaming and interactive television watching.

The Xbox One recognizes individual users and presents a customized home screen filled with content like TV and movies, games, and music, along with a new Trending section that displays friend activity and a live TV system.

Xbox One utilizes voice commands, motion control via the Kinect, and a new feature called Instant Switching to allow Xbox users to switch from gaming to TV to other types of entertainment with quick commands that work as fast as swapping channels on the TV. Home screen sharing, called Snap Mode, allows users to display multiple items on the television screen. The Xbox One's comprehensive voice commands, such as "Watch CBS" or "Play Game" are what many imagined Siri integration with the Apple TV might look like.

The new Xbox sports 8GB of RAM, an 8-core CPU, a 500GB hard drive, USB 3.0 ports, and a slot-loading Blu-ray drive. It also comes equipped with a newly redesigned Kinect sensor that is far more robust for better motion sensing and an updated controller that has an updated d-pad, impulse triggers and a more ergonomic design, in addition to several other improvements.

Xbox's second-screen companion app SmartGlass, which was originally introduced last year, has been improved to allow smartphones and tablets like Apple's iPad and iPhone to connect seamlessly to the Xbox one. According to Marc Whitten, SmartGlass is "fully integrated" into the new console.

SmartGlass in its current form is designed to allow users to interact with the Xbox 360 in a number of ways, namely navigating through menus, controlling video, browsing the internet, and using the keyboard to type on the console.

A number of games were also revealed at the Xbox One event including Madden NFL 25, NBA Live 14, EA Sports UFC, FIFA 12, Forza Motorsport 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Quantum Break, a new game from Remedy that aims to blend television and gaming. 15 new games will be released during the first year that Xbox One is available, with eight of those being new franchises.

Though no exact release date was given, the Xbox One will launch around the world "later this year." More information about the console and its upcoming games will be available at E3 in June.

Article Link: Microsoft Unveils Xbox One, an All-In-One Entertainment System with Revamped Kinect and Fully Integrated SmartGlass


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Oct 1, 2007
Looks like a motorola set top box.

Nice specs though.

The controller is uglier than 360's for no noticeable functionality purpose.


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Nov 10, 2006
The demo WOW'd me.

The voice control looked fantastic and snappy, tv overlays, fantasy sports and stats, and pin the browser to the right while still watching live action TV. The kinect sensor looks pretty impressive too.

COD: Ghosts! I'd buy the system just for that. The comparison to MW3 was night and day. Im hoping its only $499, but i'll be buying this on day 1. I cannot wait!

I agree it does look hideous, but it will be hidden away beneath the projector.


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Sep 15, 2005
Orlando, FL
Tell you what else, hardware aside: watched the event on CNET, nearly every presenter seem either awkward, terribly uncomfortable speaking in front of large groups of people, and/or horrendously inauthentic. Oof. I wonder if (or rather, I hope) one of the classes Steve Jobs set up at the Apple University was public speaking. Come on, people!

But, in the very least I'm curious. Not quite full-on intrigued yet, but very curious.


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Dec 18, 2010
Microsoft blew it....

This Console is useless outside America, we can't use all that tv stuff.
The games ... Really ? ANOTHER cod , another forza....

GG microsoft , gg

Steve J0bs

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Jul 30, 2008
Did anyone else think about Apple during the Xbox One event?

The new Xbox One can turn on your TV, it seems instantly quick, multitasking (live NFL game and Fantasy football updates), pretty decent interface, etc.

I love my Apple TV, but this new xbox might make me use the ATV a little less.

Now would be the time for Apple to unveil what they have been cooking up in Cali. Which could be sooner than we think because of the increased competition.



Microsoft blew it....

This Console is useless outside America, we can't use all that tv stuff.
The games ... Really ? ANOTHER cod , another forza....

GG microsoft , gg

Move to the promised land aka USA;)


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Jan 30, 2008
It's basically a PC with Kinect attached.

Even the look of it, it looks like a VCR.


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Nov 10, 2006
PS4 it is... so disappointing, this Xbox One.

You're joking, right?

The Xbox has Live, the great tv integration, and updated kinect. I guess it ultimately comes down to the types of games you play, but to me its no contest based on both unveilings so far.


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Dec 9, 2005

I was impressed with XBOX One. They did great job. Was very glad Ballmer wasn't there! No need for him.

One thing that really blew me away is the voice command thing especially the "On" and "TV" thing. I wondered if that's the same "strategic" that Apple is supposed to announce with ATV or TV.

Keep it up MS!
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