Microsoft's East Coast alliance

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    Company grant powers MIT's iCampus projects

    By Robert Weisman, Globe Staff, 3/22/2004

    Microsoft Research hasn't located any of its cutting-edge labs in the Boston area. But when Rick Rashid spent a couple of days here last week, he was visiting the closest thing to a Microsoft lab on the East Coast: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Rashid, senior vice president for research at Microsoft Corp. in Redmond, Wash., dropped in at MIT's iCampus program, funded with a $25 million grant from Microsoft. The grant underwrites dozens of faculty- and student-run research projects, from designing robots on Microsoft-powered Tablet computers to controlling engineering lab equipment remotely with the company's Web services applications.

    ICampus is Microsoft's largest single engagement with a research university and one of the most ambitious corporate investments in academic research anywhere.

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