Microsoft's "video ipod" ?

Discussion in 'Community' started by 512ke, Jan 7, 2004.

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    They hope to have them in the second half of this year, which is fine, because i believe that Apple will be releasing the first gen video iPods this fall... doubt it'll run OS X, as this thing's running Windows is what sets it apart from current video players; but it will have the iPod name to draw on...

    Time to kickstart those rumors about an Apple Movie Store :)

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    Oct 23, 2002
    What they need to do is incorporate video playback into the current iPod form factor. Color screen, maybe a larger display, but still the same functionality as the iPod for music. This will only work if there is an easy, simple, inexpensive way of legally downloading movies, which doesn't exist yet. If Apple comes out with the iFilms Movie Store and sells high-quality digital versions of all the latest blockbuster movies & TV shows for $2.99 each, THEN it could get big.

    The problem with the Microsoft thing is that it's a hardware-only thing. "Maybe you'll burn a show from TiVo," he said. "Or transfer DVDs to a hard drive.", says the article... I don't know anyone that has a TiVo, and I have no idea how to transfer a DVD to my hard drive, and neither does the vast majority of the computer users out there. There needs to be an iTMS equivalent for movies for this to work.
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    thinking too small

    Id rather watch a dvd on my powerbook, if I know I'll have the time to waste to watch a movie, bringing my powerbook along wont be a problem. battery life is another issue entirely...

    I have a tivo, and transferring a dvd to your hard drive is easy, just drag and click whatever's on it over :) I'd much rather have a dvd burner or a way to access tivo's hard drive through my mac, and burn certain shows (like major league baseball, and softcore skinemax porn) through rendezvous, than spend nine hundred bucks on some device that will fill up its hard drive in a year, and that limits you to a little screen.

    movies take up way more harddrive space than music files. buying a new ipod because it can hold my entire music collection, and it has lots of room to spare. A hd based movie player, I wouldn't buy, cause theres no way it could hold all my movies. it would need like a 200 gig harddrive to even be maretable. If apple wanted a superportable hd based video player for the future, I would suggest an 10.4" ibook. for under a grand. (no clue how I came up with that number, could be 8 inch, I suppose, just whatever you could fit a good small form keyboard under)

    microsofts never going to make money on this. This will go as well as the tablet, they just have money to burn I guess. bill gates is an ugly mofo.

    Apple movie store wouldn't be so great I think. Maybe a way to sync your computer with your tv to easily program it to buy, and digitally record pay per views (brought to you by blockbuster home movie store) that are encoded to delete themselves after two days. (with zero burns allowed) an ilife type application to easily program your tivo or tivo-like box from your mac would be an easier market to get into than movie sales.

    Selling movies is a whole different game than selling music files, much harder game to join
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    that new MS Portable Video Player will probably come out along with Longhorn and it will only work on Win XP and Longhorn. stupid MS. Now Windows Media Player 10 won't install on any machine without XP. How idiotic is that?

    o well, its only MS.

    they can't make anything of their own.
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