Mid-2010 13-inch MBP freezes, won't restart regularly even after MLB replacement

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by DC10durco, May 15, 2012.

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    May 15, 2012
    I was hoping the forums could advise me about how to proceed since I find the Apple Support Communities to generally be fairly unhelpful. A note to start: I have AppleCare on my MBP until July 2013. I purchased my Macbook Pro 13-inch in July 2010. For about 18 months, things were completely smooth-sailing and I couldn't have been more satisfied with my purchase.

    Starting about January 2012, I found my MBP running more and more slowly. Around this time, the fan also began to rattle. I thought the two problems might be related so I took it to the closest Apple Retail Store (75 miles). The genius opened it up and said the fan was really dirty. She cleaned it out and told me if I continued to have problems to bring it back.

    A month later or so, my MBP began freezing and the only way I could do anything would be a hard shutdown. What would cause it to freeze wasn't consistent. Sometimes I'd be running a few applications and it would freeze while other times I wouldn't even be using it actively and I'd come back to a frozen computer.

    The real problem then became after the shutdown the MBP wouldn't restart properly. I would hit the power button, hear the chime, and then I would get a white screen and nothing else. The first few times this occurred, back in early march, I could safeboot to get it to restart, but after these freezes began occurring with greater frequency, I found the only solution would be to leave the MBP off for a few hours, sometimes up to 12.

    On 20 APR, I took it the Apple Retail Store again (70 miles and $30 dollars worth of gas) and the Mac Genius, Cory, tried to recreate the issue, but couldn't determine anything other than the fact that it was running hot, the fan was working at more RPM than expected and that we the fan should be replaced. Rather than have them do the repair in-store (they would have to order the parts and then do the repair and I would pick it up), I had them send it out to the repair depot and I received it from FedEx five days later.

    The MBP worked for approximately one hour before getting a freeze. I went to restart, got the white screen and nothing. I called AppleCare and they walked me through all the boot modifiers, but nothing could change the white screen. Two days later, 27 APR, I'm back at the Apple Retail Store (another $30 of gas), and this time the problem is quite clear as the Mac Genius, Justin, tries swapping out the hard drive cable, the hard drive, and my RAM with known-good RAM and nothing solved the problem. He diagnoses it as a logic board issue and says they don't have the part in stock. The following week is finals week for me and I really wouldn't be able to drive back to the store so I have them send it out the depot.

    4-day turnaround this time returns my computer with the white screen unfixed and a support receipt that says they reinstalled the OS. After calling AppleCare, we determined they did not in fact reinstall the OS, and despite the detailed notes from the Mac genius, they didn't even try to replace anything. My Apple support profile now shows this repair as cancelled despite the fact that I sent it and have the receipt for work that never actually occurred. I'm now at two weeks, amidst finals, without a computer and without any empathy from AppleCare. They arrange it so that the Apple Retail Store orders the parts I need and I can come in and get the MLB replaced same-day (usually an overnight repair). I make my third trip in three weeks and Justin (my previous Mac genius, I requested him because he was intelligent, personable and had diagnosed the issue to begin with), replaced my logic board and ran quite a few tests.

    The hard drive had been wiped, but I had a new MLB, new RAM, and everything seemed to be working properly. My MBP worked correctly for about a week until I got my first freeze post-logic board replacement. I did the hard shutdown and had the same white-screen restart problem. I called AppleCare and immediately asked for a level-two guy, but Matt, the level-two technician, was exceptionally unhelpful in diagnosing the problem, saying it was firmware or the keyboard, two things we'd tried on every visit I'd had the past month.

    I tried restarting the next day, about 14 hours after the freeze, and my MBP started and worked. It now goes every two days or so without a freeze, but when it freezes it usually won't restart until at least 12 hours later. Also, now sometimes when I restart I'll hit the button, hear the fan and the CD drive, but there will be a pause before the chime and white screen. I'm worried the issue will just get worse until it's completely non-functioning again.

    I hesitate to take it to the Apple Store again until I'm sure I can recreate this issue just because I don't want to make the three hour trip and $30 of gas only for them to say the tests come back fine.

    I'm not one of those individuals with a huge support profile who can get a replacement very easily. With the exception of Justin at the Apple Retail Store, almost every AppleCare phone rep or other genius has treated me like an idiot and seemed to not really care that I've spent upwards of $100 dollars on gas, hours of time and weeks without a functional MBP. I'm just not really sure how to proceed. I know I'm not entitled to anything, but one of the reasons anyone invests in an Apple product, especially AppleCare, would be for the legendary customer service.

    Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll continue to function properly, but if not, how should I handle things? Is there any software I can install or things I can do to do "preventative medicine" of a sort?

    TL:DR: MBP freezes and won't restart, goes through multiple repairs, continues to have problem.
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    That's why I don't go to the Apple Store for repairs anymore. I don't think they do the job honestly/properly. They'd replaced my display and it came back super wobbly. They didn't admit to it for a while and they kept having their staff test the screen on the store computers (there was no wobbling) and after I made it super clear that I would not sign the release form, they made things right. The annoying part was though that it took a long time to repair (more than what was promised) so now I just send it in the post instead of drive.

    I'd suggest you do that.
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    Oct 7, 2006
    I have same problem with mid 2010 13.3" PRO.
    Tried 3 diffrend HDD cable, anodher ram.

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