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Migration Assistant & File Modification Time


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Jan 12, 2017

this ist not a problem, but I am curios what happened.

A few weeks ago I migrated all of my data to my new Mac using the Migration Assistant, no problems at all. I also checked the md5 sums of all transfered files, everything was fine.

Today I coincidentally discovered, that the modification time of a very small number of files was set to a time during which the migration assistant was running. All other files retained there original modification time.

The files in question are files created by me, the file contend or the attributes have not changed. I can not see, what these files have in common.

So, what was going on while migrating the data? Just a bug in the migration assistant? Are there any log files that might reveal what why the timestamp of these files was not retained?

Thanks for your help!



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Feb 19, 2008
The Finger Lakes Region
That’s because once you changed your made up files to the new system you changed the MAC Address of the files location the changes are recorded in that file! Just think you changed it’s location to new Mac with a different MAC Address!
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